A few months ago I finished my internship in the USA and I can say that was one of the most amazing experiences that I had in my life until this day.

I had my internship in Florida, USA, and I wasn’t working a seasonal job, the internship was in my field of study, I am a Software Developer.

It was a really good experience where I learned a lot, for example, how to live on my own, since I didn’t have any family close to me so I had to prove it to myself, that I was able to live alone without any problem. You will probably not be the only Intern in the zone, I had the opportunity to share my culture with people from other countries as well, like Germany, Hungary, Lithuanian, China, Serbia and some others, and in that time they will be your family. The professional experience that you will gain can help you a lot, it is nothing better for your knowledge to try different perspectives, and working in another culture will give you that extra.

But the most important here, is that doing an internship in another country will open doors for you in your country, because what is better than writing in your curriculum vitae that you gained experience in an international enterprise in your field abroad.

Another good thing about this experience is that I want to continue traveling to learn more, to see other perspectives from other countries, right now I am working on my new Project, to earn a master’s degree in Germany, and I can’t wait to be there.

P.S: the cost of the program was nothing compared to the experience. Think about it … you will go for 18 months to another country, you will probably receive compensation for learning, you will practice a new language (if you are lucky even more than one) and you could go to a different parts of the country to see new things.